Education Department

  • Ms. Bulya Olivia

    Senior Inspector of Schools

    The municipality has such a big number of prominent and high performing schools (both primary and secondary). This has geared up the efforts to end illiteracy not only in Mukono Municipality but also in Uganda at large.
    The current enrollment for both pupils and teachers at primary level is summarized below;

    Roles of the Education Department

    To provide, support, guide, coordinate, regulate and promote quality Education, Sports, Recreation and tourism activities to the community in Mukono Municipality that are geared towards individual and national development.

    Fostering a learning and productive community by focusing on the development of tourism information in the municipality.

    Design Education Management System; Plan and Manage the Pre-primary, Primary, Secondary, Special Needs Schools and Institutions of the municipality including provision of the facilities and learning materials.

    Plan and conduct periodic supervision and inspections to quality assure the quality of curriculum, methods of teaching, and classroom and dormitory facilities.

    Plan and conduct professional development programs for the teachers and education managers including formal training, refresher, knowledge exchange and work-based programs in the primary, secondary, special needs schools and vocational institutions. Plan and provide Adult and Children Library services for the Community and Library support to the Schools in the municipality.

    Plan, conduct sensitization and awareness of the education services in the municipality and manage provision of alternative education programs for children without access to the formal education.

    Plan, monitor and supervise the private educational providers in the municipality to ensure conformity with the educational standards.

    licensing of pri-primary schools